Looking After Teak

Teak is a tough, durable wood. With appropriate care and maintenance, your W Bruce Teak Nurseries furniture will withstand the elements for a long time to come.


Teak wood needs minimal maintenance to withstand weathering. You will notice that over time, the sun tends to bleach the wood to produce a silver-grey surface. Lovers of teak often prefer this attractive patina. However, if you want to retain the original colour, Teak Sealer Oil will help to preserve this. We don’t recommend using Teak Oil – it won’t make your furniture last any longer, and may result in black spots or other blemishes.

Over time, small cracks may appear in the timber’s end grain. These are a natural feature of how real wood responds to atmospheric changes and is nothing to worry about.  With increased moisture in the air, the timber will return to normal.

Teak also has natural calcium deposits that cause white patterns in the wood. Again, these are nothing to worry about  – they won’t affect your furniture’s performance or lifespan.


Cleaning Teak

We recommend Wood Cleaner for regular cleaning of your teak furniture. Patina or heavier dirt can be removed using Wood Reviver.

Stains and spillages on the wood should be dealt with as soon as they occur. Use kitchen paper to absorb as much as possible, then wash the surface with soapy water. Any accumulated grime can be washed away using light soapy detergent. Residual marks can be removed by sanding lightly with very fine sandpaper.


Other Maintenance

As teak ages or dries out over time, you may find that the screws in the furniture need to be tightened. A moderate amount of torque applied with a Torx wrench will take care of this.

Any moving parts on our furniture (e.g. on extending tables and folding chairs) should be moved regularly to prevent seizure. Opening and closing the furniture a few times will suffice. We also recommend applying a little lubricant to the runners using a clean dry cloth.